it’s feeling more official…


So I just returned from an extended lunch break where we drove down to Skokie and registered to vote. I guess I’ll be getting a jury notice sometime next week 🙂

So is it me or has this election brought out a much more creative bunch of campaign graphics than we usually see?

getting back up to speed…


ok, so now that the site is up and running I guess it’s time to fill in some blanks. It’s been a bit of a year – in the spring we jetted out to the west coast so I could ride with Team In Training in a century at Lake Tahoe (thanks again to all who contributed – the NY team alone raised over $650,000!). But that was just the start, because over the summer we made the HUGE decision to leave New York and transplant ourselves to Chicago. This was all prompted by a very desirable job offer that came my way just about the same time as the Tahoe ride.

So that is how we ended up here by the shores of Lake Michigan. We’re currently living in temporary housing, and while I spend my days at work a short distance away Allison has been busy house hunting.

The image is the view from my desk this morning. A bit different from Soho. It’ll take a little while to get used to having a studio with a bbq grill…



hi guys. Welcome to the new home of streetpedaler here at WordPress. Why the switch? Added functionality. See, WordPress was smart enough to create an iphone app that will allow me (in theory) to post to the site remotely – a feature I’ve been hoping to get for some time. So sit back and enjoy. Don’t know quite where we’re headed yet, but as usual it’s more about the ride anyway.