is there a heaven?


ok, we broke down and stopped by the mecca if chocolate, Jacque Torres. One chocolate chip cookie was all I needed (2 will kill ya…).
This was a shot I captured of Al as she sneaked behind the counter to rob the place blind (armed security jumped her mere seconds after the shot was taken).
Oh yeah, had a nice chat with Jacque, he gave me samples. 🙂


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Almost forgot this one. O’hare has dedicated some of it’s public space to showcasing a variety of exhibits. I stumbled on this one the other night. It was a huge collection of space toys and books from the 30’s through the space race. Mmmm, ray guns…



a hasty -pre-holiday “Happy Thanksgiving!” to all – we’re off to NY to spend the week back home. 1st trip back since moving to Chicago in August. Gonna try and post from the iphone while we’re gone, so stay tuned….