adjusting to the wet

so I guess I’ve finally given up the fantasy notion that the sun will one day break through and that has left me with the realization that I’ll just have get used to rain. Lots of rain. I’ve been putting off exploring the Green Bay Trail up to this point because of the wet. See, the GB trail is a mixed-surface trail that runs north-south parallel to a main rail line near our house. It’s nice because it runs through some REALLY nice areas (including straight through the Ravinia Festival). Portions are paved but much of the trail is left as a natural pounded clay dirt surface. This surface is smooth and soft, but when damp puddles up and sprays a fine gray silt everywhere. Good thing is it’s ridable in even the worst weather (it’s packed down hard and doesn’t create mud ruts) but can get really messy.

Anyway, the weather got to me so I decided to get out and explore the trail despite the wet conditions. This forced me to finally cave in and address the subject of fenders on the Redline. I’ve avoided it till now because of two reasons. First – the cool factor. I just have a hard time warming up to a fendered bike. I guess I’ll never be continental. Second – the Redline has discs and no fender mounts – which means that options are limited and most solutions are big plastic wings that clip to the frame.

Ah! But there is another solution. Bontrager has a pair of half-fenders that descreetly mount and can be easily removed when not needed. If you are familiar with the Trek Portland you’ll recognize them. Here’s what they look like…


Understand, as half fenders these are aimed at protecting the rider, not the bike. Full fenders would do a better job at that, but are not a practical solution here. I just need to realize that I’ll be hosing the bike down pretty regularly.


close-up of the rear mount. Check out all the clay-silt overspray…


now you see it now you don’t. The quick-release is a nice add-in. The fenders don’t slap around much, so I’ll probably start out leaving them on full-time and see how much I notice them.



last pic for today. This only looks like a tunnel to nowhere. Actually it’s the awesomely rusty pedestrian overpass that crosses the Edens Expressway near the house. Always feels slightly gulag-ish to me…

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