winter setup


a couple of shots of the Redline in it’s current winter garb.

those small Trek fenders have worked out well. Just enough coverage without a lot of material flopping around. Since this frame doesn’t have eyelets, these have been a good option.



The Ritchey Speedmax tires have held up well and give a little extra bite in mild snow depths without slowing you down, but I’m still stuck with the same issues. A soon as heavy snow or ice arrives this setup gets too dangerous. Just like last year that meant about 2 months with no riding. We’ll fix that one of these days..

new toys


trying out a few new pieces of software. First, I’m now writing & uploading this blog using MacJournal, a standalone journaling application. No real opinion so far except that it seems pretty intuitive and the price was right (part of the most recent MacHeist bundle)

Second is a cool little iphone app that’s called Hipstamatic (thx Clare). It’s a photo app that throws down some interesting vintage filters and effects to images. Comes with a few stock “lens” and “film” combos, with the ability to purchase more to broaden what you can do. Here’s a few examples…

my office

Ruby’s new piggy bank (from Daddy )

the cell phone lot at o’hare

ok, so much for the geeky stuff, now go for a ride.

guess I’ve been busy…


sorry to have been away for a while, but rest assured it’s not without good reason. I would like to introduce you to Ruby Ann, born on 3/2/10. Both her and mom are happy and healthy.


Don’t worry – even with baby and another Chicago winter I still got a decent amount of riding in, and more to come now that Spring is here.

stay tuned and keep riding…