sell, sell, SELL!


Well, Spring is here, and it looks like it’s time to clean house a bit. On that note, I’m putting two of our bikes up for sale (maybe even three!…) I’m taking the leap into seller status on Ebay and listing my Cannondale as well as Allison’s Gary Fisher.

It will be tough to see the Cannondale go. I’ve done a lot of riding on that bike. The Lefty fork really came into it’s own after a few years. Tough, light, stiff and responsive. Trouble is I’ve barely ridden it since moving out to the Midwest. The terrain is better fitted to a 29” wheel than these 26ers, and the short wheelbase on the Cannondale feels cramped when you’re not climbing all the time. Oh well. Money towards the Fargo – a bike that will see PLENTY of use if I ever pull the trigger.
Link to the Cannondale…


As for Allison’s Fisher – this bike is a great deal. Like new, and a hard to find size to boot. This XS hardtail would make a great bike for a teen looking for a real ride. I’m guessing it would be a good fit for a female ranging from 5’ – 5’4”. It was always a hair too big for her (too much reach that resulted in too much pressure on her hands). Another bike in need of a good home

So now we’ll see how Ebay turns out. If these are a success and the Cannondale turns a good dime then I’ll put the Redline up next. Who knows? Between the two I might just cover the Fargo…