Happy Monday


A sticky hot morning called for a cool, shady ride through the woods. I never actually count miles when I stray off-road, but I still got in around 90 minutes of saddle time. More than I would have been able to endure if I had stayed on the road I suspect…

One of the odd finds in Chipilly Woods is a large grassy clearing towards the southwest corner that contains this…


it’s a large, low monument that recognizes the history of “The Dandy First”, a National Guard regiment from the area that (according to the plaque) was the highest decorated unit in the First World War, as well as suffering the highest casualty rate in all the U.S. forces. I can’t speak to why it’s placed in the middle of Chipilly Woods. Perhaps the woods were named after the battle of Chipilly Ridge (see the inscription below), but why here? I’ll do a bit of digging on that one…


Oh yeah, that large rock that serves as the base? It’s the cornerstone from an Armory that serves Chicago (and The Dandy First) from 1890-1966. Who knew?

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