sold, sold, sold


the great eBay experiment has been a success. Both bikes sold for the prices we were looking for. The basement has never looked so open. Seriously though, I’m happy to see a pair of bikes that hadn’t seen much riding time lately go to folks that will make better use of them. Nothing depresses me more than dusting off a saddle and filling cracking tires.

But all this leads me to another sale. See, since I got a great price for the Cannondale I’m now most of the way to a new Salsa Fargo, the all-in-one bike that will end up serving most every need I have (except hardcore road duty). That means that it’s time to put the Redline up for sale. The Redline has served primarily as my short distance commuter/foul weather trainer. Great bike, and it served my needs perfectly in NY, but the rubber is just too skinny, and the bike too top-heavy for Chicago winters. The last nail in the coffin was that Redline decided against fitting this frame with rack mounts, making baby-pulling difficult at best. Time to go to someone who will make full use of her. You can check out her eBay posting here at

Now I just hope I can find a Fargo in medium before this year’s stock is gone…