Fargo unboxing

As I mentioned in the last post, the setup for the Fargo went pretty smoothly, about 90 minutes start to finish. Ran into some issues setting up the rear derailleur, but finally got it right. Honestly, it took me longer to figure out the “doubletap” shifting on the single-lever SRAM Apex group than it did to do the basic assembly. On that note – the Apex takes a little getting used to, but I think I like it so far. It’s pretty noisy in the shifting if you’re coming from a Shimano setup, but it doesn’t feel too much “clickyer” than the Campy stuff on my Bianchi.

Yes, I know the basement is a mess.


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initial setup with dual cages on the fork mounts

initial setup with dual cages on the fork mounts

Deep into a tough winter with little opportunities to ride. Lo and behold the good folks at Bikeman call from out of the blue to let me know that the 2011 Salsas were finally shipping. My Fargo (large) showed up on time about a week later. I’ll elaborate on the details in a later post, but I’ll just say that setup was generally a breeze and about 90 minutes after cracking open the crate it was all ready for a shakedown ride.

I went out early Sunday in 25 degree weather to get some first impressions. After not being on a 29″ for a year it took a little while to get used to the size of the Fargo. This sucker is big. The suspension-correct fork coupled with the sloping top tube positions the bars much higher than on either my Bianchi roady or the Redline CX. That said, you get used to it quickly. The riding position feels quite natural and intuitive and you have tons of leverage when conditions get sloppy. The 3-4″ of crusty ice and snow allowed for a little bit of slow, technical maneuvering, but I’ll dig a bit deeper once I start hitting the rail trails. Dangle frame bag from Revelate Designs is on it’s way, so stay tuned on that front…

sold, sold, sold


the great eBay experiment has been a success. Both bikes sold for the prices we were looking for. The basement has never looked so open. Seriously though, I’m happy to see a pair of bikes that hadn’t seen much riding time lately go to folks that will make better use of them. Nothing depresses me more than dusting off a saddle and filling cracking tires.

But all this leads me to another sale. See, since I got a great price for the Cannondale I’m now most of the way to a new Salsa Fargo, the all-in-one bike that will end up serving most every need I have (except hardcore road duty). That means that it’s time to put the Redline up for sale. The Redline has served primarily as my short distance commuter/foul weather trainer. Great bike, and it served my needs perfectly in NY, but the rubber is just too skinny, and the bike too top-heavy for Chicago winters. The last nail in the coffin was that Redline decided against fitting this frame with rack mounts, making baby-pulling difficult at best. Time to go to someone who will make full use of her. You can check out her eBay posting here at


Now I just hope I can find a Fargo in medium before this year’s stock is gone…